Reviewing a contract takes too much effort and time. 
But it could be easier.

Our subscription-based A.I. contract review service lets you check your contracts with all the experience of a pro, but at the speed of the internet. More importantly, we are committed to keeping it accessible even for the smallest teams.

Automatically identify
common issues

Indemnities, non-solicit obligations and other high risk clauses are quickly and clearly highlighted for your attention. Pactly can detect legal concepts even where common keywords are not present.

Actionable Suggestions

Is your draft missing a clause? Instantly include our sample clauses where needed, and make the necessary edits within our browser-based editor.

Tailor your own rulebooks

We understand that every user requires something different from their contracts.

With Pactly, you can define the default rules for your review according to your team’s needs and risk profile. Use your own rulebooks for even more efficient analyses.

Contract types supported

We currently support the review of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) and Master Services Agreements (MSAs), with more contract types lined up for the coming months.