Hi! We’re Pactly, a Singapore-based Legal Technology startup that uses machine learning to automate the process of contract reviews. Our technology allows users to upload their contracts and instantly receive a report on high-risk clauses or omissions, as well as actionable suggestions to resolve these issues.

Pactly levels the playing field for individuals and small teams entering into contracts with big companies with considerable legal resources. We offer an alternative type of check – especially if you are simply unable to pay the high cost of traditional legal services. On the other hand, enterprises use Pactly as a tool to efficiently review of a high volume of routine contracts. This reduces the repetitive and frustrating tasks they are often obligated to perform manually.


We are looking for Legal Content Specialists to assist in the development of our machine learning models. This is a part-time role and you’ll be working remotely (read: you can work flexibly from wherever you prefer and at any time you wish).

We have millions of contracts in our database and much of what we do requires us to make sense of all that legal data. Your primary responsibility will be to use our proprietary data management platform to sort through and categorise various contract clauses and the legal concepts they represent. This is the critical first step that lets us build more accurate and relevant contract analysers.


We are looking for lawyers, ex-lawyers and law students who:

  • have a basic understanding of contracts;
  • are seeking part-time/flexible work arrangements;
  • are excited to be part of a small, young team building the next generation of Legal Tech solutions; and
  • are able to commit between 4 – 8 hours a week on average.

If you feel you’d be a good match, please drop us an email at letsworktogether@pactly.ai with your CV, and a short cover letter and we will be in touch!