Pactly is all about helping users

understand their contracts.

We spend too much time reading lengthy documents, trying to figure out what they mean. This keep us from working on the high-value tasks that matter to our businesses.

That is why we build automated contract review tools that help our users quickly and accurately assess what is important in their contracts. We want to offer the world an elegant solution to traditional contracting needs. This is the future of contract review.

We’re fully remote

We are a small team, coming from very diverse backgrounds and bringing a range of experience and expertise to the team. That being said, we share a common desire to build a great product for our users and are committed to do so in a transparent and authentic way. 

You will find our distributed team of lawyers, software engineers and data scientists and product managers hacking away in several parts of the world, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain and Turkey.

Get in touch with us

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6A Shenton Way, #04-01, Singapore 068807


+852 8192 7918