Pactly is all about helping users understand their contracts.

We spend too much time reading lengthy documents and figuring out what it means.

For this reason, Pactly has built proprietary machine learning tools that allow our users to quickly and accurately assess what is important in their contracts and decide on their next steps — an elegant solution we believe is the future of contract review.

Our Team

Ivan Rawtaer

Co-Founder, CEO

Jussi Kaijalainen

Co-Founder, CTO

Salvador Garcia

Full-Stack Developer

Alara Dirik

Machine Learning Engineer

Russell Adam Whang

Product Manager

We are fully remote.

We are a small team, coming from very diverse backgrounds and bringing a range of experience and expertise to the team. That being said, we share a common desire to build a great product for our users and are committed to do so in a transparent and authentic way.

You will find our distributed team of lawyers, software engineers and data scientists and product managers hacking away in several parts of the world, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain and Turkey.

And we’re hiring!

We are always looking for the best people to join us. Our team is made up of people who are passionate about making legal work easier using machine learning.

If you believe in our mission and would like to join us in developing a contract review tool for legal counsels and small teams worldwide, we look forward to having a chat with you. Drop us an e-mail at



Contact us

Address: 6A Shenton Way, #04-01, Singapore 068815


Tel. No: +852 8192 7918