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We build machine learning applications that analyse your contracts in seconds, helping you

understand what you are signing.

Contract Review

Our contract review tool uses machine learning to spot risky clauses in your non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and presents them in a easy to read report.

Contract Review
Contract Approval

Contract Approval

Using our AI platform, you can set up your own checks and automate your approval process for routine contracts so you’ll never need to look at them again.

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LegalTech Consulting

We have run consulting projects ranging from document automation, implementation of contract lifecycle management systems and even building completely custom applications.

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Pactly Consulting

About Us

We are Ivan and Jussi, the founders of Pactly, and two individuals obsessed with building a painless experience when it comes to understanding and entering into contracts. We have both had different experiences with signing contracts in our lives. Jussi has had to deal with many non-disclosure agreements when he ran his own app development agency in Finland, Hong Kong and Singapore for more than 5 years. Ivan spent countless hours endlessly reviewing contracts early in his career at a corporate law firm in Singapore. We truly believe in the ability of technology to improve the manual and repetitive tasks that form part of document review and we’ve built Pactly to solve precisely that.

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