Life can be easier.

Simplifying Contract Review.

Pactly is a contract review tool built for businesses and legal teams who need a better and more efficient way of checking routine business contracts.

How it works

Right now, we are able to check your non-disclosure agreement (NDA).

(More contract types will be added soon...)

Upload your NDA and we'll help identify issues you should pay attention to and provide suggested clauses that you might want to include.

Automated Checks

Indemnities, non-solicit obligations and other high risk clauses are quickly and clearly underlined for your action.

Actionable Suggestions

Easily include our sample clauses like non-assignment, waiver and severance if the draft does not already have them.

Browser-based Editing

Address the issues we've raised by quickly making the changes directly within your browser.

Custom Rulebooks

[Coming soon...] Define the checks you want done and how critical each check is. Also, specify your own preferred default clauses.

Securely Cloud-Hosted

Built using Amazon Web Services (AWS), one of the most secure cloud computing environments. Read our security policy.

Basic User Management

Invite co-workers and other team members to join your workspace and review your NDAs with you.

Why Use Software to Review Contracts?

There is no substitute for the judgment of an experienced attorney. However, there are many checks in contract review which are routine and repetitive. Using software to perform these checks is more efficient and consistent.

Also, this is the future.

Reduce Your Workload

Our automated checks provide a first cut review that identifies common issues. This reduces the amount of work you have to do yourself.

Transact Faster Safely

Leave the routine checks to us. Focus on key issues and close deals faster. Above all, you can now do more faster without compromising quality.


Manage Risk Consistently

Never forget to include a governing law or an assignment clause even when you are short on time. We will always remind you, adding consistency to your contract review process.

Experience the future of contract review yourself.

Our basic plan is free to use for as long as you want.

Learn more about our paid plans.

Enterprise Deployments

We also offer managed pilots where we use your historical data to build custom contract analyzers for you. Our cross-functional team, with expertise in law, software engineering and data science, will provide close support throughout the entire pilot.

Help your team guard against common contracting risks.